Cover5.jpgWe were the lost. We were the broken. We were the freaks, the losers and loners hiding in the corners of the world.

And then we weren’t. Every morning I had to pick up the jigsaw puzzle of my life and rebuild it into something vaguely resembling a person. A hazy shadow of the happiness I was faking.

And then I didn’t. I didn’t become whole. No, there was no glue that could bind me back together. No remedy to fix any of us. We weren’t lost anymore, but we remembered losing our way. We weren’t freaks, but we remembered living on the fringe. We weren’t losers or loners, but we still remembered hiding from the world.

We were Auburn. I was Auburn. And this is my story.

-Ashley Nimzovitch, lead singer of the punk rock band Auburn


Auburn is a trilogy following three self-proclaimed outcasts who form a band, and the ways their lives change as the band becomes famous. It is told from the perspective of Ashley Nimzovitch, a high school freshman struggling to find her place in the world. The order of the novels is:

#1 Auburn: Outcasts and Underdogs

#2 Auburn: Lost Causes and Bad Investments

#3 Auburn: Midnight Suns and Farewell Lovers