Journal Entry #1,000,000!!!

Okay, so… In all honesty, this will be my first journal entry. I’m just kind of experimenting with a stream of consciousness idea, where I talk about whatever comes to mind. Like unicorns. Wow, that’s really what comes to mind when I try to think of something random?

Apparently. And it was time for a new paragraph, so there you go. Hmm, I should try to get this on track. No more mention of unicorns or randomness. This is a journal update about what I’ve been doing the whole past week. I just misspelled whole (‘whoel’). But I suppose that tends to happen when I type fast. Oh boy, I just misspelled like three words writing out the rest of that sentence… I think no one would be able to understand me without spellcheck. They’d be wondering what the duck I was tlaking about, and when I tired to tell them I’d have ot do it face to face because obviously they couldn’t understand my typing or we wouldn’t be having this problem. Admittedly, all of those typos were deliberate.

Back to the main subject. I should just get this down before I side-track myself again. Um, I’ve been editing the first book of our Rain of the Vaevars series with my friend Cathy. As long as I’m being honest and writing down exactly what I’m thinking, I have to say that title strikes me as ridiculously clever. It’s like reign, but instead it’s rain, which has a kind of negative connotation. Get it? And the titles of each individual book are related to fire, so it also sets up a fun dichotomy… Ah, I love wordplay a little too much xD <-I never used to use that emoticon, but ever since about six months ago it’s been my go to for some reason. Because I guess regular smileys weren’t enough?

I don’t know. Anyway, I’ve also had a bit of schoolwork. That’s been fun, although I have to admit it’s been pushed to the backburner. As much as my parents would hate hearing me say it, I’ve started to think of writing as the main aspect of my life, and college and a traditional career is my back-up. Which is probably why I’m writing this right now, instead of working on the homework I should be doing. But I never really did homework anyway. I was always much better at befriending the people who did their homework and–ahem, I suppose I should say that I used them as a resource? Yeah, that sounds good. All they did was help me complete my homework 😉

Oh, and my dog. He’s been having a rough time, and for a while we were thinking he might be dying, but it turns out that it’s only arthritis. Which is awesome, cause I was getting really depressed thinking about him dying. We got him (his name’s Dakota, but we all call him ‘Kota’) when he was like one year old, and I think he’s more than eleven years old now. Let’s see, third grade to now… Oh gosh, he’s more like thirteen or fourteen! He’s doing pretty well, then, I suppose. But he has these huge lumps–the vets call them adipose pockets, and I paid just enough attention in biology to know that all that means is that he’s got a lot of fat in weird places. Oh, shit, what was I talking about?

Right, his adipose pockets. They look kinda scary, like cancer, but the vets say they aren’t, which is great. Hopefully he’ll keep gamboling around for at least a few years here. I love the word gamboling. It’s almost a homophone, but it also has a sort of rhythm to it. It’s hard to say gamboling without thinking of what it looks like. Kinda like a silly walk, but with a bit of a spring in it. At least, I think so.

Oof, I just hit 650 words. I guess I should wrap this up. Um, sorry for lying in the title. If people like this then maybe I’ll work toward hitting one million journal entries eventually. Otherwise, I hope you could follow the random train of thought without too much trouble 😉 Toodles!

5 thoughts on “Journal Entry #1,000,000!!!

  1. Haha, I love this rambling post. You definitely need to do it more often! :] First random thing I think of is chocolate… I must be a hungry child ;]

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