Why I’ve Been the Worst Blogger Ever

With a title like that, I suppose there isn’t any other way to say it: I’ve been more than a little delinquent in updating my blog. And since I know that all of you just wait on tenterhooks for my next post (haha), I figured I should try to get myself back into the habit.

Starting with a quick explanation of what’s been going on. Since November, I’ve gotten a lot busier than I ever intended. Partly from school, mostly from writing. See, a good friend of mine and I decided to co-write a YA fantasy series, and between planning every detail we could think of, crafting the characters, and actually getting into the novels, I haven’t had much energy for blogging.

And perhaps more relevant, I have a hard time coming up with writing tips while I’m writing. I’m sure I could fill a blog post with the mistakes I’ve made in just the past week, but in order to continue writing I like to cultivate a feeling that what I’m working on is—not flawless, but at least good. The more I reflect and inspect first drafts, the less I want to continue. Which brings me again to what is perhaps the biggest mistake I made when I first started my blog: the focus.

My clear vision was that I didn’t want to be another author/blogger, constantly talking about my projects and peppering review posts and personal talk with all the rest. I wanted to do something different, and that came in the form of advice for anyone who thought I was worth listening to. Most of those posts did rather well, which I like to think was because they hit a niche within the community. I gained a few hundred followers in only a couple months, which seemed like quite a lot.

But because of the aforementioned reasons, I began to feel like I had more pressing demands on my time. The focus was such that I kept coming up with ideas for ‘four things I learned from poetry for use in prose’ and never writing an actual post. So as much as this is to inform you about my latest project, this post is a promise. A promise to myself, to refocus on what I find interesting: the writing. Not tepid lists of advice, but writing itself.

Writing that sings, writing that sticks in the mind like a shiny ball of duct tape. If you would be interested in hearing about my day-to-day experiences with writing, then all you have to do is keep reading. If not, feel free to tune me out, and I hope one of my posts in the past—whichever one originally made you follow me—proved helpful.

Oh, and if you’re interested in my project with the lovely Catherine Ford (haha, since I covered it in sooo much detail xD), please leave a comment and go check out her blog at: http://www.bookrantorrave.com/

4 thoughts on “Why I’ve Been the Worst Blogger Ever

  1. I’ve been waiting so long!!! hehehe
    Nice to see you again, Valerie. I wish I had your focus to be able to ignore this place for 5 minutes and get on with my own writing/editing. 😛

  2. That’s awesome. I got back on the blog bandwagon recently after leaving two other blogs in the dust over the past couple of years. But this one I feel great about. And you’re right, it’s hard what your blog should be about and not fall into the other digital pile of blogs that review and give writing tips. For myself, I also want to celebrate and support my writing community and share not only my work but there’s…I love this little bit of inspiration…I may just have to follow you. Good luck and write on!

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