Evolution of a Book Cover

My cover for Still Life (my next novel) has gone through quite a few iterations, and I thought it might be interesting to share with all of you. From the very beginning, when I was crazy enough to try to do it myself, to the final stages, after a couple of very talented artists offered to help me out (shoutout to Majestikmultimedia.com!). Without any further dithering, allow me to present the evolution of my Still Life cover:


Stage 1: Using my own (limited) abilities with PS. I was pretty proud of this cover, but feedback was rather mixed. The image (by Anna Ismagilova) is amazing, but the ‘By,’ boring font, and how difficult the title was to read were all pointed out as flaws.


Stage 2: Still working by myself. I added a translucent background to make the title easier to read and removed the ‘By.’ As I later discovered, a solid—or even translucent—block of color is nearly always an indicator of amateur cover work.


Stage 3: As you can probably tell, this is when I first started getting help from someone with a lot more experience. Stylistically, I think this cover would have worked, but I wasn’t entirely sure about the font. It doesn’t seem quite on par with The Clique, since that was a more decorative style.


Stage 4: Getting close. I loved this font, but the waves seemed to distort the picture a little. Just the same, I think this would have been a great cover.

Cover5 (Majestik Multimedia (majestikmultimedia.com))

Stage 5: Probably the biggest leap. Provided by one of the amazing talents over at Majestik Multimedia, what I love about this is… Well, just about everything! The font is exactly what I wanted, the blues and greens in the original artwork have been brought out to provide a more somber feel, and it just looks professionally done. I’ll add a side-by-side below, so you can get an idea of how spectacular this final result is:

Cover Cover5 (Majestik Multimedia (majestikmultimedia.com))

There you have it, the evolution of my book cover, from first attempts to final product. Please be sure to check out Majestik Multimedia and the services they offer (which extend way beyond cover editing). Also, as always, feel free to leave any questions or comments down below!

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