Book Trailers

Is there anything quite so dull as watching a bit of classical music play while different lyrics flash on the screen? After considering a book trailer for my novel, I’ve decided to either pass or take a stab at something truly crazy.

This isn’t going to be an article-esque post. I’m just curious what people would like to see in a book trailer if I were to make one. Over-the-top drama? Explosions and effects? One of the scenes acted out? The crazier the better. I’m open to ideas; if I decide to do this, I would want to have a cool book trailer, not the kind no one cares about. Thoughts?

15 thoughts on “Book Trailers

  1. I saw someone made a book trailer once before. It was pretty cool and that made me want to make one for mine but I don’t have the tools to make a professional one – it would look grade school with the tools I use, Lol! If I were to make one, I’d want it professionally done otherwise I wouldn’t want to make one.

    Someone also contacted me about some software that can play sound effects to go with the paragraphs in the background to make reading more entertaining, too.

      1. I think I’m going to look into it when I get my book published. It’s called “Booktrack.”

  2. I never really watch book trailers because I find them boring most of the time. I think if I was to do one even if it was a serious book, I’d make it a funny joking one, That’s just my style XD

      1. I like to make fun of how funny the core ideas of my book might sound to a reader. At the very least even if they don’t like the book they would remember the title and the trailer XD

      2. Perhaps. The difficulty I have in convincing myself on that route is that I’d have to learn how to market videos in order to market a book. Maybe if we could convince already famous YouTubers to do book recommendations…

  3. How about a dramatic reading of a particular scene? Audio books are very popular and while you definitely need to go professional if you want to do an audio version of your novel, doing just a single scene can be a great hook and will allow you to practice it until it is perfect (especially if you have any friends that could help out). Especially with the right mix of music in the background.

  4. I agree with Shawn, having created my own (what I thought to be cute & funny) book trailer for my second novel, I’ve realised that people just aren’t interested! At least with an audio clip, you are giving readers a taster of the book and you can embed it in your blog, so it will be there for future fans, forever and ever and ever 🙂 Might try it myself! x

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