Interview With Dorothy Tinker

I recently had the opportunity to interview the fantastic Dorothy Tinker, author of the upcoming Peace of Evon (September 30) and the sequel Gift of War (late November 2014). You can find her blog here. So let’s get to the interview:


When did you first become interested in writing?

I first started writing when I was thirteen.  I’d always told myself stories before then, but the idea that I could write them down for others to read never crossed my mind until I met someone else who wrote.

Do you find your work tending towards a particular genre?

Almost all of my work is fantasy.  I have a few short stories that are more horror/thriller, and I have ideas for a set of stories that are more science-based than magic-based, but even those have a sense of fantasy.

So, you have a couple of works coming out soon?

Peace of Evon is to be published on September 30, while I expect to get Gift of War out in late November.

What are they about?

The Peace of Evon quartet, of which these are the first two books, is about Gemini Cosley, a young noblewoman hiding behind the persona of James Caffers, the country’s most notorious rebel leader, and Evon’s young king, Ferez Katani.  After their first meeting nearly results in a full-scale battle, the two realize that they have similar goals and agree to travel together in search of peace.  Together, with his mare and her two bondmates, a stallion and a young fire dragon, they face arrogant nobles, powerful mages, and a chaotic being who will do anything to prevent the peace they seek.

I understand that Peace of Evon:  Missing Heir is available here. Are your upcoming publications going to be sequels?

Actually, Peace of Evon and Gift of War are the first and second halves, respectively, of Peace of Evon:  Missing Heir.  I’m currently working on the sequel, Lost King, and hope to have it ready for publication around February or March of next year.

Okay, so you’re dividing the novel into two parts. Have you updated the story or changed events around to accommodate that? Without being too blunt, why would readers purchase the upcoming parts instead of your whole novel?

Simply put, the first book, Peace of Evon:  Missing Heir, was too long.  Not that people can’t read a book that’s 500 pages at 12pt Times New Roman font, but I’ve had potential readers open up the book and be intimidated by just how many words are on each page.  My two upcoming books will be much easier to read, slightly cheaper, and, as a consequence, help me make the Peace of Evon storyline into a quartet instead of the two-book set I’d originally planned.  Plus, it just happened that there was a nice place to break the first book into two.

Also, I will probably put Peace of Evon:  Missing Heir out of print once Gift of War becomes available.

What aspects of the world of Evon did you enjoy crafting the most?

Wow, that’s difficult.  To be honest, I probably enjoyed creating the belief systems, rules of magic, and history of the region most.  That might sound like three different things, but the gods are heavily connected to the magic of the realm, the history is partly divided based on the actions of the gods, and the gods play a major role throughout the storyline.

Tell me a little about your protagonist.

Gemini Cosley was born the daughter of a high-ranking nobleman, but, orphaned at a young age. She takes on a male persona, James Caffers, in order to travel the country to learn about her people and fight for peace.  She’s stubborn, she fights for what she believes in, and, though she doesn’t know it, she is the physical incarnation of the demigoddess Peace.  Like I said, the gods play a major role in this series.

And your antagonist? What’s his main motivation?

The antagonist who matters most in the Peace of Evon series is the demigod War.  In this realm, demigods are born in balancing pairs, and so Peace and War are twins who need each other’s presence to survive the Chaos they were born to fight.  With Peace incarnated as a mortal with no memory of herself, War has gone slightly insane.  All he wants is his sister to remember him.  Unfortunately, figuring out how to make that happen only pushes the realm closer and closer to Chaos.

What’s at stake in this novel?

I have two answers for this, really.  On the scale of the entire country, War and Chaos are the threats.  Gemini and her friends fight to prevent country-wide war from breaking out, while the gods try to mitigate the Chaos that threatens.

On a personal scale, Gemini struggles with secrets she’s kept for seven years of her life as she grows closer to the young king.  She comes to trust him more deeply than she trusts anyone except her two bondmates, but she fears the consequences of people, especially him, learning that a young noblewoman has done the things that she has.


Do you have any questions for Dorothy? Be sure to leave a comment down below, and check out Peace of Evon and Gift of War in September and November.

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