My 7 Links of the Week

As promised, here are the links I encountered during this week that I found interesting and/or enlightening. Since I’ve been doing a lot of marketing research, you might notice a lot of the links focus on that. I’ll give a brief synopsis of each article beneath the link.

How to Create an Instant Bestselling Novel

This article has several good tips, including two lists: one on book writing as a whole, and another on mechanics. I found the mechanics list more interesting (a few of the points answered questions I’d never bothered to look up before).


What I Learned About Being a Writer From Lewis Carroll Part 1

Possibly the best advice a writer could ever receive. Just keep writing.


12 Lessons Learned While Marketing “The 4-Hour Body”

Let’s face it: just about every indie author is looking to repeat Tim Ferriss’ sucess with “The 4-Hour Body”. It made about every bestseller list in existence, starting from rejection by a publisher and a modest marketing budget. A lot to be learned from this article.


Your Book is a Start Up

Another article on the subject of Tim Ferriss. This guy has a bevy of brilliant ideas (upping content and readers’ stakes in the game by giving them looks behind the scenes), and the 17-minute video attached to this article is a definite must-listen.


Study: Males vs. Females in Social Networks

Stumbled across this one while researching the market, trying to locate my target demographics. If the ideal reader for your novel has a specific gender, this is a great resource to figure out how to find them (smaller social networks might be easier to “break into”, and with more male or female users, a view becomes more likely to result in a purchase).


The Beauty of Marketing

This WordPress post is all about keeping art in your marketing. It can be easy to separate the two; writing is creative, and marketing is, to many people, simply a numbers game. But if you don’t separate–if you keep your writing as an integral part of advertisement–good things may happen.


Book Endings

A good reminder that sad, tragic, or violent endings are endings too (and perhaps more interesting than the “they lived happily ever after” trope).


Do you have any links to share? Thoughts on these links? I’d love to talk with you in the comments below.

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